11 Powerful Habits of Highly Successful People

habits of highly successful people

Have you ever wondered why successful people become successful and failures keep hitting dirt? It comes natural to some that they are doing the right thing at the right time at the right moment. Coincidence?! Some of you may say. But what is overlooked is the amount of time they spent on developing powerful habits and attitudes which gives them the edge.

Cultivating a habit is like sowing a seed into the ground in the hope of having to ripe its fruits one day. It takes time and the right effort. Anything we repeatedly do becomes a habit. This is true for anyone; businessmen, entrepreneurs, sportsperson, actors.

Highly Successful people understand the power of developing good habits and get things done in less time. So what are these powerful habits of highly successful people have in common which makes a difference.

1. Plan their day out

Imagine being on the road and not knowing where to go. You’ll get stuck or get distracted by life happening around you. Highly Successful People leverage this powerful habit to plan their day out in order to save time and to keep the on track.

Some of them make plans day before and some organise themselves in the morning before starting their day. They don’t keep their eyes off their goals throughout the day.

2. They are Focused and in the Moment

You will notice, successful people are always in the moment. If they in a board meeting, working on a project or meeting a client, they will focused to get things done instead of putting things on auto-pilot.

3. Wake up early

While a small fraction prefer missing out quite mornings, majority of highly successful people have a morning routine. Some of them wake up as early as 4:00 am. This powerful habit helps them to spend their mornings in gym, sending emails, meditation, etc. to set the right tone for the day.

Indira Nooyi, CEO of Pepsico says  “they say sleep is a gift that God gives you … that’s one gift I was never given”. She wakes up at 4:00 in the morning.

4. Read a lot

Reading is a powerful habit that highly successful people have adopted and implemented. Elon Musk loves to read while growing up, as much as four hours a day. He gained his knowledge for rockets from reading books about them before starting Space X.

Although everyone has a different taste and time duration per day when it comes to reading a book. You may like to read on science fiction, self-improvement or travel but the matter of the fact is reading improves your concentration, stronger analytical abilities and improves memory.

5. Regular Exercise

Being physically active can make you sharp and increase brain’s activity. It makes you active and removes any lifelessness from your being.

While most of the successful people hit their fitness regime in the morning, few prefer it in the evening or at night before hitting bed. Richard Branson wakes up at around 5:00 – 5:30 am and is known to exercise before going to office.

6. Time for self

A successful person is going to be busy and is not likely to find time to relax during the day. It becomes necessary for some to take out some time to reflect on themselves.

While spending quality time can be spend during the dawn, but few prefer to reflect on the day after it has got over and take feedbacks. Some of them meditate, spend some time with nature or perform some physical activity.

7. Keep a Journal

A journal helps a person to clear down their thoughts. It can be very beneficial for someone who is unable to keep a check on their mood. Highly Successful people have adopted this powerful habit to take feedback and clear off their mind.

8. They understand the importance of Prioritising things

Successful people understand the power of doing the things that matter. The powerful habit of prioritising things makes it clear about the agendas and things that give them results. It is said that 20% of the things reaps 80% of the results. They acknowledge the power of this rule and work towards it.

9. They always Communicate Clearly

While in a business or working in a corporate, it is absolute necessary to have little to no communication gap, whatsoever. This powerful habit of communicating clearly gives people power to convey their message clearly without any noises.

10. They possess Interpersonal Skills

While highly successful people might attain new heights with their hard work but no one can be successful without interpersonal skills. The top executives are able to interact well with others and make them at ease.

11. They are Proactive

Successful people will never sit back and wait for life to happen to them. They will, instead, go out and make things happen for them.

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