65 Quotes by Jeff Bezos

Inspiring quotes by Jeff Bezos
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Jeff Bezos is an American technology and retail entrepreneur and investor. He is the founder, chairman and Chief Operating Officer (CEO) of world’s largest online shopping retail, Amazon.com. Amazon is also world’s largest internet sales company.

He purchased The washingtonpost.com for $250 million in cash in 2013. He is one of the wealthiest man in the world with over US $70 billion as of January 2017.


65 Quotes by Jeff Bezos:

1. “We see our customers as invited guests to a party, and we are the hosts. It’s our job every day to make every important aspect of the customer experience a little bit better.” – Jeff Bezos

2. “The best customer service is if the customer doesn’t need to call you, doesn’t need to talk to you. It just works.” – Jeff Bezos

3. “The one thing that offends me the most is when I walk by a bank and see ads trying to convince people to take out second mortgages on their home so they can go on vacation. That’s approaching evil.” – Jeff Bezos

4. “A brand for a company is like a reputation for a person. You earn reputation by trying to do hard things well.” – Jeff Bezos

5. “I think frugality drives innovation, just like other constraints do. One of the only ways to get out of a tight box is to invent your way out.” – Jeff Bezos

6. “We’ve had three big ideas at Amazon that we’ve stuck with for 18 years, and they’re the reason we’re successful: Put the customer first. Invent. And be patient.” – Jeff Bezos

7. “What we need to do is always lean into the future; when the world changes around you and when it changes against you – what used to be a tail wind is now a head wind – you have to lean into that and figure out what to do because complaining isn’t a strategy.” – Jeff Bezos

8. “The killer app that got the world ready for appliances was the light bulb. So the light bulb is what wired the world. And they weren’t thinking about appliances when they wired the world. They were really thinking about – they weren’t putting electricity into the home. They were putting lighting into the home.” – Jeff Bezos

9. “There are two kinds of companies, those that work to try to charge more and those that work to charge less. We will be the second.” – Jeff Bezos

10. “If you’re competitor-focused, you have to wait until there is a competitor doing something. Being customer-focused allows you to be more pioneering.” – Jeff Bezos

11. “What’s dangerous is not to evolve.” – Jeff Bezos

12. “It’s not an experiment if you know it’s going to work.” – Jeff Bezos

13. “The common question that gets asked in business is, ‘why?’ That’s a good question, but an equally valid question is, ‘why not?'” – Jeff Bezos

14. “The thing that motivates me is a very common form of motivation. And that is, with other folks counting on me, it’s so easy to be motivated.” – Jeff Bezos

15. “There’ll always be serendipity involved in discovery.” – Jeff Bezos

16. “I believe you have to be willing to be misunderstood if you’re going to innovate.” – Jeff Bezos

17. “Humans are unbelievably data efficient. You don’t have to drive 1 million miles to drive a car, but the way we teach a self-driving car is have it drive a million miles.” – Jeff Bezos

18. “When it comes to space, I see it as my job, I’m building infrastructure the hard way. I’m using my resources to put in place heavy lifting infrastructure so the next generation of people can have a dynamic, entrepreneurial explosion into space.” – Jeff Bezos

19. “I know Elon, we’re very like minded in many ways. We’re not conceptual twins. One thing I want us to do is go to Mars, but for me it’s one thing. He’s singularly focused on that. I think motivation wise, for me I don’t find that Plan B idea motivating. I don’t want a plan B for Earth, I want Plan B to make sure Plan A works.” – Jeff Bezos

20. “Millions of people were inspired by the Apollo Program. I was five years old when I watched Apollo 11 unfold on television, and without any doubt it was a big contributor to my passions for science, engineering, and exploration.” – Jeff Bezos

21. “I’m a big fan of all-you-can-eat plans, because they’re simpler for customers.” – Jeff Bezos

22. “You know, we love stories and we love narrative; we love to get lost in an author’s world.” – Jeff Bezos

23. “Beautiful speech doesn’t need protection, it’s ugly speech that needs protection. We have these cultural norms that allow people to say really ugly things. You don’t have to invite them to your dinner party, but you should let them say it.” – Jeff Bezos

24. “There are two ways to extend a business. Take inventory of what you’re good at and extend out from your skills. Or determine what your customers need and work backward, even if it requires learning new skills. Kindle is an example of working backward.” – Jeff Bezos

25. “For people who are readers, reading is important to them.” – Jeff Bezos

26. “Real estate is the key cost of physical retailers. That’s why there’s the old saw: location, location, location.” – Jeff Bezos

27. “One of the things it was obvious you could do with an online store is have a much more complete selection.” – Jeff Bezos

28. “People will visit Mars, they will settle mars, and we should because it’s cool.” – Jeff Bezos

29. “What we want to be is something completely new. There is no physical analog for what Amazon.com is becoming.” – Jeff Bezos

30. “If you’re going to invent, it means you’re going to experiment, and if you’re going to experiment, you’re going to fail, and if you’re going to fail, you have to think long term.” – Jeff Bezos

31. “Amazon.com strives to be the e-commerce destination where consumers can find and discover anything they want to buy online.” – Jeff Bezos

32. “If you do build a great experience, customers tell each other about that. Word of mouth is very powerful.” – Jeff Bezos

33. “Strip malls are history.” – Jeff Bezos

34. “We expect all our businesses to have a positive impact on our top and bottom lines. Profitability is very important to us or we wouldn’t be in this business.” – Jeff Bezos

35. “What consumerism really is, at its worst is getting people to buy things that don’t actually improve their lives.” – Jeff Bezos

36. “I’ve always been at the intersection of computers and whatever they can revolutionize.” – Jeff Bezos

37. “Life’s too short to hang out with people who aren’t resourceful.” – Jeff Bezos

38. “A company shouldn’t get addicted to being shiny, because shiny doesn’t last.” – Jeff Bezos

39. “You want your customers to value your service.” – Jeff Bezos

40. “My own view is that every company requires a long-term view.” – Jeff Bezos

41. “Ebooks had to happen.” – Jeff Bezos

42. “Infrastructure web services had to happen.” – Jeff Bezos

43. “Part of company culture is path-dependent – it’s the lessons you learn along the way.” – Jeff Bezos

44. “Cultures, for better or worse, are very stable.” – Jeff Bezos

45. “I think there are going to be a bunch of tablet-like devices. It’s really a different product category.” – Jeff Bezos

46. “Market leadership can translate directly to higher revenue, higher profitability, greater capital velocity, and correspondingly stronger returns on invested capital.” – Jeff Bezos

47. “I think the definition of a book is changing.” – Jeff Bezos

48. “You’re not going to make Hemingway better by adding animations.” – Jeff Bezos

49. “For many people, extended reading sessions on an LCD display cause eyestrain.” – Jeff Bezos


Inspiring quotes by Jeff Bezos

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50. “I’m skeptical that the novel will be ‘re-invented.'” – Jeff Bezos

51. “Percentage margins don’t matter. What matters always is dollar margins: the actual dollar amount. Companies are valued not on their percentage margins, but on how many dollars they actually make, and a multiple of that.” – Jeff Bezos

52. “People forget already how much utility they get out of the Internet – how much utility they get out of e-mail, how much utility they get out of even simple things like brochureware online.” – Jeff Bezos

53. “I very much believe the Internet is indeed all it is cracked up to be.” – Jeff Bezos

54. “I like having the digital camera on my smart phone, but I also like having a dedicated camera for when I want to take real pictures.” – Jeff Bezos

55. “It is very difficult to get people to focus on the most important things when you’re in boom times.” – Jeff Bezos

56. “I don’t want to use my creative energy on somebody else’s user interface.” – Jeff Bezos

57. “If you only do things where you know the answer in advance, your company goes away.” – Jeff Bezos

58. “I went to Princeton specifically to study physics.” – Jeff Bezos

59. “Mediocre theoretical physicists make no progress. They spend all their time understanding other people’s progress.” – Jeff Bezos

60. “I’m a genetic optimist.” – Jeff Bezos

61. “The key thing about a book is that you lose yourself in the author’s world.” – Jeff Bezos

62. “I’m skeptical of any mission that has advertisers at its centerpiece.” – Jeff Bezos

63. “If your customer base is aging with you, then eventually you are going to become obsolete or irrelevant. You need to be constantly figuring out who are your new customers and what are you doing to stay forever young.” – Jeff Bezos

64. “Great industries are never made from single companies. There is room in space for a lot of winners.” – Jeff Bezos

65. “You know you’re not anonymous on our site. We’re greeting you by name, showing you past purchases, to the degree that you can arrange to have transparency combined with an explanation of what the consumer benefit is.’ – Jeff Bezos


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