A Secret Ingredient for Massive Success

secret ingredient for massive success
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I was a part of a launch of a lifestyle & fashion magazine very recently. The launch was managed by two ladies who were also the creators of that magazine. During the speech, one of them stated:

“To handle yourself, use your head; to handle others, use your heart.”

It made an impression on me and I was submerged in the thought of that quote. It makes sense in cases where someone wants to achieve a big goal, like becoming a world class chess player, a musician or cracking a competitive exam.

This is true especially in the case of an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs are passionate and obsessed with the products or service that they offer. Although you get to be your own boss and chose your own timings for everything but that doesn’t make them any less disciplined or hard working.

A successful entrepreneur plans things and executes them without anyone looking over them or to judge them. He also understands the power of habits to be successful in life. They can be flexible with the goals and amount of time they devote to different aspects of their venture. However, the journey of an entrepreneur is hard and requires a lot of passion & faith. It takes time to attain success in terms of money or fame in the world of entrepreneurship. A lot of people give up before they attain that success due to various reasons; run out of investments, some unfortunate events in the family or simply don’t have enough faith because everyone is against it.

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Certain emotions play a big role in being successful as an entrepreneur but your mind is something which is going to help you focus and achieve big things even though it looks intimidating. It is like building a castle. You have to place one brick at a time and eventually, you will have your castle. Similarly, if you are going to climb a mountain, you are not going to reach to the top in flat 10 min. It is going to take time, effort and energy. This is the reason why most people give up, that don’t give time or effort or energy to it or simply run out of self-motivation.

While you are working on your dream project, life is happening around you. It can be luring & distractive to check your chats, play that video game, a gossip that a colleague brought up or late night parties at the weekend. I know for a fact, at least once, even if you are the most dedicated person, you left yourself lose and went for that party or watched your favorite movie scenes. There is no escaping the distractions, it’s up to us to minimize them.

An entrepreneur is not going to work alone all the time. As the startup grows he is going to recruit people on board for various roles to distribute the work and be more productive. When it comes down to people, especially in a fast paced start-up, you want equally or at least adequately dedicated and passionate individuals to work for you. This can be a tough job for someone who likes to work alone and has no leadership experience. While you have a start-up, it’s not necessary to have a 20 years of experience in dealing with people or a HR major. You simply need to understand the motives of other people for doing something that they are doing. If you cannot figure those things, then you can have a hard time dealing with them.

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Any individual is going to work for you for few main reasons; pay is good, love the work, level of autonomy in the job, position in the company or simple passionate about the work and share the same vision as that of the company’s. A job can be frustrating and not everyone likes doing, even though they do it for earning money and job security. However, the way you make them feels makes the difference. If you dealing with a customer, client or even your own employee, you have to make the atmosphere at ease. Anyone in life does not want to entertain anyone with a bad attitude or is abusive.

If you have big goals to achieve, you have to be very particular about it. You need to keep aside your mood and focus on the relevant things. Also, when you deal with people make them at ease, the way you make them feel is going to make all the difference.

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