14 Daily Habits to be Successful in Life

daily habits to be successful
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Habits are what makes us or break us. Lot of people have realized the importance of having habits and how they shape us. Creating new habits or breaking old ones takes time and conscious effort.

It requires a discipline mind to form a new habit and once these habits are formed they can literally change your life for good.

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1. Not underestimating yourself

More than half dreams are killed by one’s own destructive thoughts of self-doubt, lack of confidence and low self-esteem. A lot of dreams never even get a chance to surface let alone try. It is obvious to be nervous & agitated the first time you try something, especially when there is lack of support or even worse, others are discouraging you to abandon your dreams.

Very successful & notable entrepreneurs like Henry Ford, Elon Musk and Walt Disney wouldn’t have been successful if they were to underestimated themselves and suppressed their dreams.

Also, it can be tempting at the same time depressing to see people becoming billionaires at a very young age. They, however, do not notice the ones who became successful at a much later age. Everyone is living their own time zones, focus on improving yourself.

2. Focus on one thing at a time

A secret to get things done in less time is to laser focus on only one thing at a time. Focusing on one thing at a time allows you to dedicate all your concentration and attention to one single thing. This not only gets things done in less time but also gives you quality work.

3. Be Pro active

Being an entrepreneur is not everyone’s cup of tea. You struggle everyday and dedicate yourself for months (if not years) in a hope to make it big. Being one step ahead is always rewarding than to sit back and wait for the right moment.

Most of the successful entrepreneurs never shelve their work for tomorrow, until absolute necessary.

4. Spending time with Positive People

There is nothing better than a group of people who encourages & brings out the best in you. It makes you feel positive and uplifting even if you are going through hard times.

5. Face your fears

On the other side of greatest fear lies your greatest growth. Be if public speaking or asking someone out, nothing else will contribute to your growth as much as facing your fears will. True, that “what it?” never cease to skip our minds. Such situational & temporary thoughts can have a permanent impact on our lives.

Develop  a habit of facing your fears, or else these fears will consume you and steal every hope of achieving things you wanted to.

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6. Reading

Reading is a powerful habit that highly successful people have adopted and implemented. Elon Musk loves to read while growing up, as much as four hours a day. He gained his knowledge for rockets from reading books about them before starting Space X.

Although everyone has a different taste and time duration per day when it comes to reading a book. You may like to read on science fiction, self-improvement or travel but the matter of the fact is reading improves your concentration, stronger analytical abilities and improves memory.

7. Setting realistic goals (and sticking to it)

Being an entrepreneur is a lifestyle that one adopts. It can be overwhelming when you have to manage (almost) everything. It becomes necessary to set long & short-term realistic goals to keep things clear.

Most of successful entrepreneurs wake up early in the morning to kick start their day and gaining an edge over competitors.

8. Planning your day well in advance

Imagine being on the road and not knowing where to go. You’ll get stuck or get distracted by life happening around you. Highly Successful People leverage this powerful habit to plan their day out in order to save time and to keep the on track.

Some of them make plans day before and some organise themselves in the morning before starting their day. They don’t keep their eyes off their goals throughout the day.

9. Spending quality time for yourself

A successful person is going to be busy and is not likely to find time to relax during the day. It becomes necessary to take out some time to reflect on themselves.

While spending quality time can be spend during the dawn, but few prefer to reflect on the day after it has got over and take feedbacks. Some of them meditate, spend some time with nature or perform some physical activity.

10. Keeping a check on health and fitness

Being physically active can make you sharp and increase brain’s activity. It makes you active and removes any lifelessness from your being.

While most of the successful people hit their fitness regime in the morning, few prefer it in the evening or at night before hitting bed. Richard Branson wakes up at around 5:00 – 5:30 am and is known to exercise before going to office.

11. Networking

With right people you find right opportunities. For finding right people you need to go out and talk to people. Networking is an art  of making contacts with people who might be helpful in some or the other way in future for your venture.

This not only builds contacts but also self-confidence when you know you are not the only one who needs help.

12. Know yourself

Knowing yourself is the beginning of wisdom. Knowing oneself is a life-long process which one indulges himself into. This helps in making better decisions in life, especially if the decisions are life changing or critical in their own way. Knowing oneself also surfaces a deeper sense of things around us and things that we do.

13. Keep a check on new trends

One thing which will never stop is innovation. A teenager sitting in dorm-room might come up with the next big idea and take the world by storm. It can happen in a blink of an eye. Knowing where the world is moving and adapting to change is the key.

14. Have a Bigger Purpose

An Entrepreneur not just buy and sell lemonades at high prices, he makes the lemonade out of it and sell them at even higher prices. An entrepreneur is going to deliver more than expected and look at the bigger picture while making critical decisions.

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