50 Inspiring Quotes from Floyd Mayweather Extolling 50-0 Win Streak

floyd mayweather 50-0 boxing legend retire

Floyd Mayweather retires in vogue after knocking out Conor McGregor in the 10th round of UFC. The 40-year-old stretches his winning streak to 50-0 defeating the UFC Lightweight Champion on Saturday. After several heated exchanges in the build-up, Mayweather said the fighters gave the fans “what they wanted”. Although the zeal for fighting has not ended, the greatest boxer confirms to retire – “This was my last fight, for sure”

Floyd has struggled in his early life having lost his mother and only his father pushing him, himself being a boxer. He rose to the top and became a legend to whom people look up to.

50 Inspiring Quotes from Floyd Mayweather extolling 50-0 Win Streak:

1. “A true champion will fight through anything.” – Floyd Mayweather

2. “God only made one thing in this world that’s perfect – and that’s my boxing record.” – Floyd Mayweather

3. “You have good days, you have bad days. But the main thing is to grow mentally.” – Floyd Mayweather

4. “Don’t ever know who you may meet, or just because a person may not be dressed up all fancy, don’t mean they’re not an important person. You just don’t ever know who you’re gonna meet in life. So that’s why I look at everybody as equal. Can’t just judge. I treat everybody with respect. Every man.” – Floyd Mayweather

5. “A true champion can adapt to anything.” – Floyd Mayweather

6. “When people see what I have now, they have no idea of where I came from and how I didn’t have anything growing up.” – Floyd Mayweather

7. “I come from a very rough background, and I’m saying that if you work hard and dedicate yourself that you can make it, too.” – Floyd Mayweather

8. “Boxing is real easy. Life is much harder.” – Floyd Mayweather

9. “I push myself to the limit.” – Floyd Mayweather

10. “I’m a boxer who believes that the object of the sport is to hit and not get hit.” – Floyd Mayweather

11. “I am the best. There is nobody better than me.” – Floyd Mayweather

12. “I’m going to always bleed the red, white, and blue. I represented the U.S. in the Olympics; I love my country. But the U.S. fans will love you on Monday; if you lose, they’ll hate you on Tuesday. If you win, it will be back to loving you on Wednesday.” – Floyd Mayweather

13. “I would lie in bed, and I was nine years old, and say to myself: ‘I want to be the richest man in the world.’ I’ve come a long way from there.” – Floyd Mayweather

14. “When I step in the ring, I bring everything I have.” – Floyd Mayweather

15. “I think I already proved that I wasn’t just fighting for the money, because I fought as an amateur. I fought 90 fights for free.” – Floyd Mayweather

16. “Showing is better than telling.” – Floyd Mayweather

17. “When it’s all said & done only God can judge me. I’m going to go out there on 5/5 to give my fans what they want to see.” – Floyd Mayweather

18. “It’s the hurt business, it’s boxing. We’re there to get it in.” – Floyd Mayweather

19. “There are all these athletes out there cheating. I am clean and pure.” – Floyd Mayweather

20. “I’m not in this sport to see how hard I can get hit or to see how many big punches I can take. I am in this game to fight as long as I can. I am trying to dish a lot of punishment.” – Floyd Mayweather

21. “Bob arum is Manny Pacquiao’s boss, Floyd Mayweather is his own boss.” – Floyd Mayweather

22. “I don’t fight for bragging rights. I’ve proved myself.” – Floyd Mayweather

23. “There’s no blueprint on how to beat me.” – Floyd Mayweather

24. “It’s about having personality…it’s not about being the bad guy, it’s about entertaining people.” – Floyd Mayweather

25. “I don’t have to run from none of these fighters. If I want to keep my defense tight and break em’ down I can.” – Floyd Mayweather

26. “S*** happens in the sport of boxing. You wanted to see a KO, that’s what I gave you.” – Floyd Mayweather

27. “All work is easy work.” – Floyd Mayweather

28. “The sport needs the cash cow back.” – Floyd Mayweather

29. “Once I beat a guy, mentally and physically, he’s never the same.” – Floyd Mayweather

30. “A belt don’t make me.” – Floyd Mayweather

31. “I’m the best at talking trash I’m also the best at going out there and backing it up.” – Floyd Mayweather

32. “Some pay to see me win, some pay to see me lose, but they all pay.” – Floyd Mayweather

33. “I don’t feel that no fighter has the mental or physical agility to match Floyd Mayweather.” – Floyd Mayweather

34. “The ultimate goal is to always break records.” – Floyd Mayweather

35. “I want to be able to separate the average from the good and from the great. I want to separate the ordinary from the extraordinary.” – Floyd Mayweather

36. “I don’t have to wait for nobody, I move when I wanna move.” – Floyd Mayweather

37. “I’m running my mouth a lot and I’m looking for a guy to shut me up. If you don’t shut me up I’m going to keep running my mouth.” – Floyd Mayweather

38. “You’ve got to have a villain and they’ll always make me a villain. I’m used to it – it makes me work harder and it makes me fight harder.” – Floyd Mayweather

39. “I don’t fold under pressure, great athletes perform better under pressure, so put pressure on me.” – Floyd Mayweather

40. “If you’re the best then take the test!” – Floyd Mayweather

41. “It’s protect yourself at all times.” – Floyd Mayweather

42. “I land a higher percentage of punches than any boxer in boxing.” – Floyd Mayweather

43. “If anyone has followed my career, they know that there’s been a lot of obstacles and a lot of ups and down through my career. But day in and day out, and in the square circle, I went out there and always did my best.” – Floyd Mayweather

44. “My whole outlook on life is, never judge a book by its cover.” – Floyd Mayweather

45. “People have said things about me, and wrote and criticized me about things in the past, but it goes in one ear and out the other.” – Floyd Mayweather

46. “If you fight angry, you make a lot of mistakes, and when you fight a sharp, witty fighter like me, you can’t make mistakes.” – Floyd Mayweather

47. “I’m looking to expand my portfolio while I’m on top and while I’m young.” – Floyd Mayweather

48. “God has blessed me with an unbelievable talent, with fast feet, fast hands, unbelievable defense and a very, very sharp mind. So I’m thankful for that.” – Floyd Mayweather

49. “You hear certain things, negative things, all the time that aren’t true, but you never hear about the positive.” – Floyd Mayweather

50. “There comes a time when money doesn’t matter.” – Floyd Mayweather

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