How to be Happy by Google X’s Chief Business Officer

how to be happy by google x chief business officer

You attend a get-together and decide to play ten different games. For every game you win, you’ll get a chocolate. Eventually, you won three games and got three chocolates. Someone else won five chocolates and one more won two chocolates. Will you find happiness in the fact that you beat a lot of people and won three chocolates or are you going to feel dissatisfied with the fact that someone actually won more chocolates than you?

You might think – What is Happiness? or How to be Happy? Most of the times, it’s the way you look at a situation which then determines if you’re going to feel happy about it or not.

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A very typical example with millennials would be the resentment caused by 20-something billionaires like Mark Zuckerberg and Evan Spiegel of having achieved huge success so early in life. Others curse their “high-paying” regular job or not becoming a millionaire by the time they are 30 years old. You might even envy your friend for having close to a million followers on Instagram compared to your fifty thousand followers. It causes restlessness and blurry eyes.

It’s natural to desire for the things that this world has to offer. But how often do we find happiness in things that we already have in our lives? “We are so ungrateful for the quality of life that we have. says Mo Gawdat, Google X’s Chief Business Officer.

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Mo puts it very rightly that you will find yourself in a loop of downward spiral and ungratefulness when you are constantly trying to achieve something which is missing in your life. You are never going to achieve satisfaction and in turn, are always bound to feel dissatisfied and unhappy.

“And because we are looking for whats missing, we’re by definition breaking the Happiness Equation. If you’re looking for whats missing, you’re going to find it, and accordingly, the events of life are not going to meet your expectations.” – Mo Gawdat

Whether the glass is half full or half empty is a matter of perspective and the corresponding thought (or chain of thoughts) that follows is imperative for the way we feel about things. Of course, inevitable situations like suffering from a life-threatening disease or extreme poverty is a topic of careful deliberation.

As long as we are not suffering from any such extreme situations and have access to basic amenities in life, we have a lot more than half the population in the world can (or will) ever enjoy and in turn have the option of choosing happiness.

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