13 Powerful Tips to be Productive the entire day

tips to be productive the entire day
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Productivity is not by chance, it is a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning and focused effort. Sitting back relaxed and sipping coffee while checking your notifications can be very tempting. However, these are such things that stop us from being productive the entire day.

We have a limited number of hours everyday of the week. Lot of people strive to achieve a healthy work-life balance so that they don’t miss out either of them. But life is happening around us and we are most likely to get distracted by things around us. However, there are few simple things that each one of us can do to be more productive the entire day.

1. Set clear realistic goals

The most important thing for anyone moving in a certain direction is to know where they are going. You can achieve a lot more when you set yourself clearly defined goals. Surely, sometimes you might hit the limits and don’t get the fish in time, but you’ll definitely see the difference.

2. Prioritise

Most of your rewards are going to come from the most important things (and not many things). The thing is to identify which are the things that you ought to do which will yield you max results.

3. Get up early

A lot of successful people have this powerful habit of waking up early in the morning. They set the tone for the day by hitting the gym, meditating or spending quality time in creative thinking.

Most of the famous CEOs and top executives use their quite mornings to gain the maximum out from the day.

4. Plan your day in advance

Strategising upon your day can have many benefits. Knowing how to achieve things will make give you a clarity on the number of hours you need to devote on a certain goal.

5. Take Power Naps

Very often we find ourselves drowsy and hit the coffee machine a number of times after lunch. One of the better things to do is to take power naps. However, you can take power naps anywhere in the world but your office. This can be tricky, but taking a 20 min off even to simply relax and meditate (just closing your eyes) and can boost your energy throughout the second half of the day.

6. Keep a check on distractions

The food, chit chats, stalking on someone online or just talking to a random friend on phone can be extremely unpleasant for your work. Put your phone on flight mode and turn off your wifi (if you are not using it for work) while you work.

7. Take Breaks

Short Breaks, as little as 5 min, can be a very powerful way to be productive throughout the day. Set aside a time frame (say 90 min) for yourself followed by a 10 min break.


8. Focus on one thing at a time

The key to get things done quick is to focus on one thing at a time only. Don’t multitask. You might end up not completing anyone at all.

9. Keep a track on your progress

Always keep a track on your progress so that you don’t miss out on to something important and plan accordingly if you do.

10. Don’t skip your meals

Plans are important and so is the energy to execute them. Take out adequate time for your meals to keep you up and running throughout the day.

11. Listen to music

When you take breaks, you can always listen to your favorite music to remove any stress. You can also listen to them while at work (if you can).

12. Develop productive habits

A powerful key to being productive throughout the day is realising good productive habits and adapting them. Cultivating a habit is like sowing a seed into the ground in the hope of having to ripe its fruits one day. It takes time and the right effort. Anything we repeatedly do becomes a habit.

13. Don’t stress

Don’t stress over things. Everything can be taken care of, and even if you don’t achieve your set targets, that ok. It is not the end of the world.

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